There are endless nomenclatures with which we try to give identity to the plants that surround us – regional, onomatopoeic, functional variants. And on the other hand we have always tried to bring their incredible, silent and pervasive variety into manageable classifications, grouping the subjects in gradually increasing levels of organization (gender, family, order, class).  […]

Where we talk about affections and relationships with plants and the daily desire for light and grace .   The vegetal relations of which we surround ourselves, from the vase to the garden, do not speak only of a human desire for light and grace, they say of the ability of the green world to […]

The point on the largest landscape construction site in Europe one year after the inauguration. It is a great opportunity to be here tonight to finally listen in a reasoned and detailed manner to the terms and progress of the Expo 2015 landscape project by Pan Associati with Benedetto Selleri and Franco Zagari. A rich, […]

Some believe that money is the answer to all their problems, but that is not necessarily the case. Obviously, a credit card debt problem can be solved with the best credit consolidation loans at – in fact, it’s the only solution. But there are financial problems that can not be solved with great money and a low […]