Plant Hunters. The adventures of plants, botanists and explorers who have enriched our gardens. Of the irremediable nostalgia of the obsession with hunting out plants. If, to want to look at things from the point of view of prey, to be removed from their habitat, often brutally by the hunters of plants that call this […]

In the east of China and Japan the gardens are among the major plastic evidences of the constitutive relationship that these cultures have with nature. Understood here, in a respectful, intimate custom, as a harmonious whole of which one is a part. In consonance with a vision of the world as a universal flow of […]

As Rudolf Borchardt pointed out, “for ninety-nine percent, the figurative expressions that human languages ​​possess are taken from the world of plants; for ninety-nine percent, all ornamental forms derive from the flower “. Which in its essence is therefore a bearer of meaning at once punctual and polysemic. In their multifaceted suggestion, to flowers we […]

She is a proponent in the early twentieth century of the affirmation of the professional presence of women in the garden and particularly in horticulture. With the foundation of one of the first dedicated schools and with an untiring editorial activity in magazines and volumes. If, as early as the mid-nineteenth century, Jane Webb Loudon […]