Credits for Veterans

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Credits for Veterans

Croatian veterans are among the most vulnerable groups of citizens, which is why the Government of the Republic of Croatia, together with banks, has provided more favorable conditions for their lending.

These are housing loans for veterans at the best interest rate. In this way, it tries to allow people who fought for their homeland to have a normal life, as well as the families of fallen and wounded veterans.

Who is eligible for more favorable veterans loans?


Veterans who do not have a settled housing issue or have resided in a state apartment for five years or more have the right to more favorable loan conditions for a veteran. Credits for veterans are issued in Good Finance.

When applying for a veterans loan, banks check the creditworthiness of prospective clients. In view of the special conditions, banks determine the amount of unburdened income required to obtain a loan. In addition to the standard documentation, a certificate on the status of a defense attorney is required, which proves the possibility of more favorable credit.

Since these are home loans, the banks most often require a guarantee, thus reducing the risk of possible losses. The most commonly used security instruments are a guarantor, a promissory note, and a real estate mortgage. In most cases, given that these are special conditions, the bank pays or does not charge the cost of the real estate appraisal study.

Credits for Veterans: What is the attitude of the bank towards non-purpose loans?


Only recently have banks and the government provided a lower interest rate for retired veterans, but the focus is on home loans. Other non-purpose loans are determined most often as for all other citizens. That is, under the same conditions and depending on the amount of income. If a guarantor or debenture is used, the loan amount may be higher because, in addition to its own creditworthiness, the creditworthiness of the guarantor or the co-debtor is also checked.

What kind of loans to veterans are loan companies offering?

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Credit houses offer loans to veterans, and unlike banks, they do not check creditworthiness. Given that these are smaller amounts that are repaid in a few months, credit companies rely on the financial orderliness of the client. It is important for them to have regular income and to settle their debts duly. Credits for Veterans are intended for those veterans who are still employed or retired.

Seek the advice of a financial or legal professional


The application process is very simple, with a copy of your ID card and current account card sent online. The contract is being downloaded from the internet so it can be read peacefully and only then signed. If the client is unsure about something, he or she can seek the advice of a financial or legal professional.

Credit institutions may, in addition to the minimum documentation, request payroll or retirement listings, but this is usually done only when higher amounts are involved.

The advantage of this way of doing business is that everything goes online. There is no need to go to the office or long queues. Everything can be done from the comfort of your own home, all with the documentation you already have. If everything is correct with the submitted documentation, the money will be paid into the checking account within 24 hours of the submission of the request. Financial aid can be quickly and easily reached when it is most needed.

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