Malaga for the People urges the Government to pay the debt of 97 million with Malaga by the law of dependency

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Malaga for the People urges the Government to pay the debt of 97 million with Malaga by the law of dependency

Malaga for the People urges the Government to pay the debt of 97 million with Malaga by the law of dependency

  • The municipal group of Malaga for People has submitted a motion for discussion in the commission on Social Rights, Culture, Education, Sports and Youth in which they ask the City Council to urge the central government to pay the debt of 97 million euros with Malaga by the dependency law.

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Specifically, as explained by the Deputy Speaker of Malaga for People, Remedios Ramos, these amounts “correspond to those not paid since 2012 for this concept” and that “would benefit in more than a third of that amount, to the resident dependents in Malaga, which, by way of example, would allow the construction of at least three high-performance hospitals in Malaga, including the long-awaited third hospital for the western area of ​​our city, “he said.

At this point, he recalled that the funding of the resources needed to care for dependents corresponds to 50 percent to the Board and the central Government, as marked by the Law of Dependency, “but the cut of those items by the PP Executive has accumulated the aforementioned debt and that the regional administration had to assume an amount greater than 50 percent that corresponded.

Ramos has indicated that the State Association of Directors and Managers of Social Services has recently given some data in relation to “the deficient financing” of the Law of Dependencies in Spain “that throws chilling figures and that raise the need to rebel against the brutal cuts in this matter. ”

In this sense, he regretted that 40,647 dependents died in the past year without receiving the benefits to which they were entitled as recognized by the Ministry itself, which means 111 people every day.

Specifically, according to the official data 335.201 people in situation of dependency are on the waiting list, of them 36 percent are Severe Dependents and Large Dependents (Grades II or III). “In 2016 the waiting list was reduced by 36,017 people (net balance) to what the deaths of people waiting to receive care contribute,” he said.

He also noted that “the commitment” that PP and Citizens acquired in the investment pact of Mariano Rajoy “pointed to the recovery of the 2012 cuts by increasing funding by 480 million,” but Malaga for People has criticized that both parties “they have put before this social objective, the Basque quota and the more than 4,000 million extraordinary investment agreed with the PNV and more than 200 with Nueva Canarias”.

“Only recover the cuts of state funding would allow to decrease the waiting list in 90,000 people, and would generate more than 20,000 jobs in a year,” said Ramos, while it has influenced that if the State contribution was 50 percent of public expenditure on Care for Dependency, as established by the Law itself, and maintaining the autonomic contribution “would ensure full attention to

the 335,000 people who are currently in what is known as Limbo de la Dependencia “.

However, it has continued, “if you persist in the breach of the Law and violate subjective rights, this year 36,000 people who had a recognized right, without being able to receive services or any benefit, will die.”

On the other hand, the deputy spokesperson has expressed concern that “the cuts do not refer to financing exclusively, but are based on the precariousness of the people hired to provide these services.”

It has indicated that in the model of management of the law of dependence “it has opted for a privatizing model, which impoverishes the quality of services and precarizes the workers who provide them”, assuring, in addition, that “home help, managed by the city councils, it is also privatized in a large part of these “.

In the case of Malaga, Ramos said, the City Council “has hired Clece, when there is a municipal social services company that could provide it, the municipal company ‘Mas Cerca”.

In this regard, he added that “the progressive outsourcing of municipal social services is one of the axes of action of the government team that affects such sensitive areas as the Unit, Home Help, care of the unassisted population or care to childhood “, among others.


On the other hand, also Malaga for the People asks in the motion that the City Council, in defense of the rights of dependent people, urge the central government “to the reversal of the cuts made in the year 2012”.

Specifically, explained Ramos, it would be to provide this item with 1,673 million euros instead of the 1,262.2 approved in the General State Budget (PGE) 20172, “understanding that this proposal is a transition towards full compliance with the Law of Dependencies that supposes the financing of the system by means of the contribution of 50 percent of the total cost on the part of the State “.

Similarly, they urge the central executive to incorporate an additional provision in the budgets for 2018 by approving as amounts “minimum guaranteed level 264.22 million euros for Grade III, 123.06 million euros for Grade II and 77.33 million euros for Grade I “.

Finally, they ask to reject “the model of privatization” of the management of the Dependency Law “based on the exploitation and precariousness of the workers who carry out this work, who receive salaries of misery”, which, in addition, “has led to the complaints and protests of the same for their situation of exploitation and precariousness, as well as applying social clauses in the awarding of these contracts in which they take into account the conditions of the workers who will provide these services. ”

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